DuraSeal’s 25-Year Guarantee completely eliminates
the effort & expense of frequent topcoats. 

Enjoy permanent protection for your home’s decks, docks, fences, pergolas, log cabins, concrete driveways & sidewalks, pavers, pool surrounds, porous stone & masonry.

Don't stain it... DuraSeal it!

Permanent Wood Protection

DuraSeal permanently protects your wood with a sealant that penetrates deep into the pores of the wood, locking out moisture. You can trust that our deck, fence, and dock sealant:

  • Prevents further deterioration like splitting, cracking, and warping
  • Permanently locks out moisture, limiting the growth of mildew, algae, and fungus
  • Does not get slippery when wet, retaining the texture and traction of the wood while restoring the natural finish
  • Can be stained over if you prefer a particular color. Stains will last 2-3x longer if applied after DuraSeal
  • Includes a 25-year transferable warranty against splitting, cracking, warping, and rotting wood
  • Significantly reduces annualized maintenance for decks, docks, fences, pergolas, and log cabins
  • Eliminates the effort and expense of frequent topcoats
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Lifetime Concrete, Stone & Paver Protection

Our concrete sealing services permanently protects your concrete, pavers, stone, and masonry with a penetrating sealant that prevents further deterioration and keeps it cleaner longer. As one of the leading stone and concrete sealing companies in the southeast, you can trust that our sealant:

  • Prevents damage like pitting, cracking, and spalling
  • Permanently blocks moisture, limiting the growth of mildew, algae, and fungus
  • Provides easier spill cleanup — for example, hose pressure is sufficient to remove dirt and debris
  • Does not get slippery when wet, retaining the texture and traction of the surface while restoring the natural finish
  • Prevents root system damage from compromising the structure, as moisture cannot seep through once sealed
  • Includes a 25-year transferable warranty

Proudly Serving the Southeast

DuraSeal is the leading wood, concrete, paver and stone sealing services provider in the Southeast. Our professional and knowledgable technicians serve North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. 

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