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DuraSeal’s penetrating sealant COMPLETELY ELIMINATES
the effort & expense of frequent topcoats

Save time & money with permanent protection for wood decks, docks, fences, pergolas, log cabins, concrete driveways & sidewalks, pavers, pool surrounds, porous stone & masonry

Don't stain it... DuraSeal it!

Permanent Wood Protection

When your deck, dock, fence, or cabin siding starts to show signs of weathering,  it’s time to protect it again!  Didn’t you just do that last year – or was it two years ago? Regardless, you’re on the hunt for a longer-lasting solution. 

DuraSeal permanently protects your wood decks, docks, fences, log cabins, paver & concrete driveways, masonry, and more!

With DuraSeal protecting your structures from the inside-out, you never have to worry about your wood splitting, cracking, warping or rotting. The wood also stays cleaner naturally longer. The natural finish of your hardscaping will be protected with minimal maintenance.

DuraSeal eliminates the effort and expense of frequent washing and top coats.


The problem with topcoats is that even the most expensive stains are paper-thin, and six-sided protection (top, bottom, sides, and edges) is usually impossible. The absorption and evaporation of moisture quickly breaks down any topcoats, causing the unprotected wood to warp, split, crack, and eventually rot. Additionally, stains only provide 1-3 years of protection at best, but wood structures often start to look weathered even sooner than that.

Increasingly, homeowners and property managers have been relying on our sealing company for effective solutions that protect their wood structures from the effects of weathering. Whether you have a wood fence, log cabin, wooden deck, or pergola, you can rely on our wood sealant to preserve the natural finish of your structure.

DuraSeal permanently protects your wood with a sealant that penetrates deep into the pores of the wood, locking out moisture. You can trust that our deck, fence, and wood siding sealer:

  • Prevents further deterioration like splitting, cracking, and warping
  • Permanently locks out moisture, limiting the growth of mildew, algae, and fungus
  • Does not get slippery when wet, retaining the texture and traction of the wood while restoring the natural finish
  • Can be stained over if you prefer a particular color. Stains will last 2-3x longer if applied after DuraSeal
  • Includes a 25-year transferable warranty against splitting, cracking, warping, and rotting wood
  • Significantly reduces annualized maintenance for decks, docks, fences, pergolas, and log cabins
  • Eliminates the effort and expense of frequent topcoats
DuraSeal is a penetrating sealant our sealing experts use for your decks, patios, fences and more

Preserve the Natural Finish of Your Concrete, Stone, & Masonry Surfaces

Concrete, stone, and masonry surfaces are very porous. Water seeps through, resulting in heavy fungal growth in areas that stay wet. These are the green, gray, or black spots caused by algae, mold, and mildew. Frequent washing solves the problem temporarily but wears away a thin layer of the surface. To preserve their natural beauty, structures and pathways made with concrete or stone need an extra layer of protection. Many homeowners know that topcoats are not cutting it. If you’re seeking long-lasting protection for your structures and hardscaping, try our sealing company’s stone and masonry sealant.

Our concrete sealing services permanently protect your concrete, pavers, stone, and masonry with a patented sealant that prevents further deterioration and keeps it cleaner longer. As one of the leading stone and concrete sealing companies in the southeast, you can trust that our sealant:

  • Prevents further deterioration like pitting, cracking, and spalling
  • Permanently locks out moisture, limiting the growth of mildew, algae, and fungus
  • Provides easier spill cleanup — for example, hose pressure is sufficient to remove dirt and debris
  • Does not get slippery when wet, retaining the texture and traction of the surface while restoring the natural finish
  • Prevents root system damage from compromising the structure, as moisture cannot seep through once sealed
  • Includes a 25-year transferable warranty
  • Eliminates the effort and expense of frequent washing

Why Choose Our Sealing Experts

When homeowners, property managers, deck builders, marina owners, and everyone in between needs permanent sealing solutions for their wood, concrete, and masonry, they turn to our sealing company. Over the years, we’ve proven our commitment to quality and excellent customer service. Whether you’re in Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, Wilmington, NC, Greenville, SC, Atlanta, GA, Jacksonville, FL, or Tampa, FL, you can rely on sealing experts to provide a solution that will last several decades.

Why else should you hire our experts?

  • We Put Our Customers First: No matter if you’re sealing a wood deck or a concrete driveway, you can have peace of mind that we will provide a solution that protects the surface and doesn’t harm your landscaping or lawn.
  • We Prioritize Your Safety: Everything from our cleaners to sealants is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. This means you can feel comfortable having your kids, pets, and plants near the sealed surface.
  • We Use the Best Technology in the Industry: When you call on us to seal your wood, concrete, or stone surfaces, we will use specially formulated sealants that have been in use for several decades — first in the commercial sector and now in the residential.
  • We Hire Employees, Not Subcontractors: You can feel confident that the person completing your project has been background checked, e-Verified, and extensively trained before being dispatched to your home.


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