One of the first questions potential customers want to know when they call our company is: How much does DuraSeal cost?

Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines. 

There are three main considerations that affect the price of a project: 

  • Structure
  • Measurements
  • Condition


Concrete driveways & patios (including pavers, masonry & stone) are the least expensive structures to clean and seal because we can use  increased pressure & surface cleaners, which reduce the labor required to clean and seal these surfaces.

Wood requires careful washing and sealing, in order to prevent damage to the surface.  


Every project is measured carefully.Pricing can vary greatly, and is determined by the surface area, linear feet of rails, and the amount of steps, posts and lattice. Because our pricing is largely determined by measurements, there is no cost difference between one large project or several smaller phases. In fact, we have many customers that start with a deck, then call us back for the driveway or patio.


The condition of the structure is another important component of pricing.  The best time to seal a structure is when it is new, before any weathering occurs AND at our lowest price. As the structure becomes weathered or coated (with a top coat sealant or stain), the price increases.  We have to remove any coatings prior to sealing, which is more work than washing and sealing a brand new surface.  Occasionally, we run into a coating that we cannot remove with our environmentally safe cleaners or a structure that has weathered beyond repair.  In those rare cases, we can recommend third party vendors that can properly repair and/or prepare the surfaces to be sealed.


With so many variables, prices can vary drastically. Unfortunately, some people focus solely on the price, with the goal of finding the cheapest contractor. This inevitably leads to regret, as on-time installation, ease of maintenance, quality, and warranty are replaced by delays for unreliable subcontractors, inadequate protection, poor workmanship and companies that don’t stand behind their work.

There is a big difference between the lowest price and the best deal.  DuraSeal completely eliminates the effort and expense of top coats, providing the lowest annualized cost of protection whether you are in your home for next five years or the next 25 years – guaranteed!

DuraSeal uses a patented product developed over fifty years ago.  The silicone-based sealant seals wood and concrete from the inside-out, eliminating the expansion and contraction resulting from the absorption and evaporation of moisture.

The original product was used for highways and bridges in Canada, where the frequent freeze/thaw cycles would wreak havoc on concrete. It took about thirty years to make its way from municipal projects to commercial use and eventually down to residential application from approved applicators like DuraSeal. 

DuraSeal’s permanent protection differs from top coats in a couple of different ways:

  • DuraSeal penetrates completely through the substrate (6-8″)
  • DuraSeal locks out moisture, limiting fungal growth and splitting and cracking resulting from moisture absorption
  • DuraSeal only needs to be done once
  • Most DuraSeal projects are completed the same day, as the sealant must be applied while the structure is wet from washing & rinsing

Although the product has been around for over fifty years, it took about thirty years to trickle down from municipal to commercial to residential use.

There are only a handful of companies that specialize in permanent wood & concrete restoration. 

All work is completed by employees, NOT subcontractors.  In addition, everyone is e-Verified and must pass a background check before they are hired, trained and spend the day working on your property.  

Everything we use, from the cleaners to the sealant, is safe, non-toxic and biodegradable; in other words, it’s safe for people, plants and pets, so it won’t damage your plants or lawn.

We invest heavily in specialized equipment to maximize the efficiency of our crews.  Most projects are completed in one day. 

Unlike washing and staining, our patented sealant must be applied while the surface is saturated to penetrate properly.

We have a 95% on-time installation rate, as rain before, during or after the project does not cause delays, since the surface has to be saturated anyway.

The 25 year warranty is fully transferable and covers splitting, cracking, warping and rotting wood.

For concrete, it will stop little cracks from growing (provided the soil is stable), and limit future pitting, cracking and spalling. 

DuraSeal is a penetrating sealant, not a top coat.  As soon as we are rolling up the hoses, you can let the dog out or walk on the deck without leaving footprints or pawprints.

Probably wait a day or so before putting heavy furniture back on the saturated wood.

The top evaporates off, retaining the texture and traction of wood or concrete. If you had any fungal growth prior to sealing, it will actually be less slippery afterwards.

We get this question a lot!  DuraSeal is a penetrating sealant and not a top coat, so it does not bead water when wet. 

You will notice that your sealed surfaces dry faster after it rains, because they don’t become saturated once sealed.

Our product does not leave a sheen on the surface, so does not provide a wet look when the surface is dry.

Our sealant fortifies the wood 25%, making it more difficult for carpenter bees to bore into. They will probably seek an easier target, so who knows whether that’s a different surface on your property or they move to pester a neighbor.

Our sealant is clear and is not available in different colors.

We wash the surface thoroughly and restore wood and concrete to its clean, natural color.

If you don’t like the natural look, you can stain or paint over DuraSeal after it has cured for at least 60 days.

There are a couple of advantages to this:

  • you get the exact color you want
  • our sealant stabilizes the wood, so stains last 3-4x longer after sealing

It is simply a matter of personal preference.  Most people stain solely to protect the wood; we warranty the wood for 25 years whether you stain it or not, so most people leave it natural.


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