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Whether you have a concrete driveway, stone pavers, brick deck, or wood siding, you could benefit from hiring a sealant company in Wilmington, NC. Our specially formulated sealer penetrates the surfaces of your exterior structures to create a protective barrier that prevents moisture from diminishing the appearance of your outdoor space.

As one of the leading wood and concrete sealing companies in Wilmington, NC, we understand what your specific structure needs to look amazing for decades to come. Our experts only use the highest quality cleaners and sealers to prohibit the appearance of cracks and stains so that you can have peace of mind that your driveway, deck, fence, or walkways will meet your needs year after year.

Does Your Deck or Dock Need Wood Sealant in Wilmington, NC?

While we like to consider Wilmington as part of the South, it still experiences a range of weather conditions — sometimes in a very short period of time! Because your deck and dock will be exposed to harsh sun rays, freezing temperatures, heavy rainfall, snow, and ice, you will want to hire sealing experts in Wilmington, NC, to apply a protective coating.

By sealing your wooden deck or dock, you enable the structure to repel moisture. When it can do this, it will be less susceptible to the effects of weathering, including rotting, warping, and cracking. When you choose our sealant company in Wilmington, NC, to apply the wood sealer, you can rest assured that your structure will remain aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound for long periods of time.

Which Structures on Your Property Can Benefit From Concrete Sealing Services in Wilmington, NC?

While concrete is a highly affordable material, it is susceptible to the effects of weathering. In order to protect your concrete driveway, patio, deck, steps, and walkways from deterioration, you need to have a permanent concrete sealer applied to the surface.

As one of the top concrete sealing companies in Wilmington, NC, we have the best solutions for preserving the natural finish of your hardscaping. We can help you apply professional-grade sealants to a range of structures on your property, including:

Is Wood Siding Sealer in Wilmington, NC, Necessary?

If you have a house with wood siding or a log cabin in Wilmington, you should invest in a professional-grade sealant. The sealer will protect the wood from moisture, rot, warping, and pests, allowing the siding to last much longer than if you left it untreated. Additionally, the process of sealing the wood siding restores and preserves its natural finish. Our sealing company in Wilmington, NC, uses a sealer that seeps into the wood’s fibers to protect your investment for more than 20 years.

DuraSeal is a penetrating sealant our sealing experts use for your decks, patios and fences in Wilmington, North Carolina

When Should You Schedule Pergola and Fence Sealing Services in Wilmington, NC?

A pergola and fence sealant is necessary for preserving the natural beauty and integrity of these wooden structures. The best time to apply the sealer is as soon as the structure is constructed so that it can look brand-new for decades. However, you can still have your pergola or fence professionally sealed if it’s already old, painted, or stained.

In order for our sealing experts in Wilmington, NC, to apply a wood structure sealant, the temperature must be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This means we may be able to seal your pergola or fence in the winter. It’s also helpful to note that rain will not stop us from protecting your wooden structure since the surface needs to be wet for the sealant to work anyway.

The most important thing to note here is that the sooner you hire a sealant company in Wilmington, NC, after installation, the better results you will experience. This is because the water barrier keeps damaging effects at bay from the start.

How Does Our Stone and Masonry Sealant for Wilmington, NC, Homes Work?

Perhaps you’ve heard how important it is to have your masonry sealed, but you’re unsure how the sealant can possibly benefit your brick and stonework. To understand why it’s recommended to seal your masonry, you need to know how it works.

Our sealant company in Wilmington, NC, uses a concrete, brick, and stone sealer that fills the microscopic pores in the material. This protective coating does not simply rest on the surface of the bricks, stones, or concrete blocks. Instead, it seeps through the entire structure to provide complete protection from moisture, such as rain, ice, snow, pool water, fountain water, and even spills. Whether a single drop of water or an entire flood comes into contact with your masonry, the sealant will work to repel the moisture, effectively preventing cracking and extending the life of your hardscaping.

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You worked hard for your home, and you deserve to feel proud of the space you’ve created. Our sealing company in Wilmington, NC, can help you maintain your property’s pristine condition for several decades by applying a patented sealant to your wood, concrete, and stone structures. We even offer our services in Charlotte, NC, and Raleigh, NC, if you have property in these locations or family you want to share our services with. Contact our team today for more information and to request a free quote!