Whether you’ve installed a new wood deck for your home or an older deck that’s starting to show signs it needs improvement, you might be wondering how you can protect your beautiful product. It might be tough to tell when your deck needs sealant, but a few important signs to note can help alert you when it’s time to spring into action. 

Rotting Wood

Are you starting to notice rotting of your wood deck boards and posts? Rotting is important to address, as it can lead to instability in your deck that puts everyone operating on your deck at risk. Rotting is usually caused by decks located directly off the ground and signals that water is infiltrating the deck. A high-quality sealant is especially important for decks like these to avoid repairing or replacing your deck. 

Damage to the Wood

Insects, pests, and elements over the years can take a really big toll on your wood deck. If you’re starting to notice damage like cracks, holes from termites and other insects, and broken or shifted boards, you should definitely consider a sealant to extend the life of the wood. 

Wood naturally attracts and stores moisture, which is why it expands and shrinks as the weather changes. If your wood is not repelling water properly, this expansion and contraction will age your wood and lead to a worn-down deck.

Mold and Mildew

As unsightly as it may be, a bit of mold is common, considering wood attracts moisture. However, if you have large, green mold making a home on your wood, your sealant is likely worn down, and your wood is feeling the effects. This is a huge sign, and you shouldn’t ignore wood that’s calling for help.

Your Deck Is Old

An older deck is a prime target for a coat of sealer, and you should reseal older decks every 12-18 months. A newer deck likely needs to wait about 1-3 months to be sealed so that the wood fibers can be fully opened up and exposed to the sealant. One way to tell if a new deck is ready for sealant is to pour water on the wood. If the water beads up, it likely isn’t ready for sealant. If the water absorbs, it’s time for you to contact your local deck sealing company.

Weak Spots

Who wants to throw a party only to watch their guests fall through the cracks of their deck? Weak spots are an absolute no-no and signify that your deck needs sealing immediately. Fungi have likely penetrated the wood. Treating the wood with a sealant will prevent growth in any soft spots and keep your wood in good shape. 

Looking to Seal Your Deck?

If sealing your deck is next up on your agenda, DuraSeal is your best bet for a deck sealing service you’re sure to be pleased with. Don’t let your deck rot under the stress of tough North Carolina winters and the brutal summer sun. Our sealant completely protects your deck, and you won’t have to worry about frequent applications. Contact us today, view our FAQ page, or check out our gallery of recent projects to learn more about how our sealant can benefit your beautiful deck.

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