Even though the weather is cold now, it won’t be long before you can get outside and enjoy your deck again. Keeping your deck in great shape is easy — if you know the secrets of proper deck maintenance, that is! 

One key factor to consider is how often you need to re-apply stain. Many people say that you will get the best results if you stain your deck every two to three years, but every deck is a little different, and there are a few general rules to keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know about staining your deck.

Wear & Tear Matters

Factors such as foot traffic, furniture contact, and overall deck use are important to think about when you’re planning to re-stain your deck. Horizontal surfaces naturally wear out much faster than vertical ones, so you will likely need to stain the “platform” of the deck more frequently than anywhere else. It is almost impossible to make the deck’s color look “uniform” if you stain different parts at different times, so if this matters to you, consider re-staining the deck in its entirety every time it’s starting to look worse for the wear.

Consider Mother Nature

The weather conditions in your area can significantly affect how often you need to re-stain your deck. If you’re in a wet and humid location, you’ll need to apply stain more frequently since moisture can wear away the coating and soak into the wood. Ice and snow also affect the longevity of stain treatment. Most importantly, make sure whichever type of stain you choose has UV protection. The sun can take a serious toll, even on decks treated with high-quality solid color stain.

Know Your Materials

It’s important to know what type of stain to use if you want your deck to look beautiful for as long as possible. If your deck is made from pressure-treated lumber, use an oil-based stain. Kiln-dried lumber can be stained with either oil or water-based stain. If you’re staining green lumber, remember that it often has a high moisture content. Apply a semi-transparent stain if you so desire, but do this at your own risk since you may find yourself needing to do a lot of touch-up work as the wood dries out.

If you use a water-based stain, your deck will usually be “dry” in three to four hours, but you’ll need to wait at least 24-48 hours for it to cure before walking on it or placing furniture on it. Oil-based stains take longer to dry (around 12-24 hours) and often need at least 72 hours to cure. To find specific drying time information, check the packaging of the stain you are using.

Time for a Fresh Coat

Is it time for a fresh coat of stain on your deck? These signs are often an indication that your deck needs some TLC:

Never Stain Again!

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